Why Group Six?

Group Six refers to a series of elements in the periodic table, which consists of transition metals chromium (Cr), molybdenum (Mo), tungsten (W). The group six elements on the periodic table are some of the key elements used in alloys for wear and corrosion resistance. We believe that our strength comes from our belief in the need to understand the science behind overlays.


Specializing in internal and external laser cladding, laser heat treating, laser welding, and CNC grinding, Group Six provides enhancement and repair services to keep your industrial parts in service far past their normal lifespan, reducing your overall repair expense and inventory. Our unique combination of in-house equipment and metallurgical expertise helps our customers maximize investments, and minimize replacement.


When you need durability, laser cladding is the modern ‘go to’ method to multiply the lifespan of your parts, instead of traditional welding.

Laser cladding is a process to apply metal coatings using a precision laser as a heat source. Powder is injected into the laser generated weld pool adding a layer of the powder material onto the surface of the part. These powders can be a variety of different materials that are used to protect, repair and increase the life span of parts.


Our Yorky Universal Grinding Machine is specifically designed to grind components for the oil and gas industry up to 42” (1066mm) in diameter by 16ft (5 meters) long. With the thru bore chuck we can grind longer equipment up to 8” (200mm) in diameter and 40ft (12 meters) in length such as flex and drill collars.


Surface hardening using laser heat treating is used to improve the wear resistance of the surface of a part without affecting the tougher interior of the part. We have the ability to perform this on selective internal or external surfaces.


A full metallurgical lab has been set-up in the Edmonton facility to ensure that we deliver high quality work consistently. The lab contains state of the art equipment such as automated hardness testing for the examination and analysis of cladding and laser heat treating.


We recognize that time is valuable no matter what industry you are in.

We recognize that time is valuable no matter what industry you are in.
We started Group Six because we saw an opportunity — getting reliable laser cladding services in North America was difficult to secure. As a dedicated shop for laser cladding, we have control over our schedules and can give our customers realistic and reliable turn-around times for your jobs.