Edmonton's Laser Cladding Experts

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About Group Six Laser Cladding

As a dedicated shop for laser cladding, we have control over our schedules and can give our customers realistic and reliable turn-around times.

In a previous career, when we were in oil and gas drilling, we knew laser cladding was the best way to increase the durability of our mechanical parts. But getting reliable delivery of laser cladding services in North America was extremely difficult.

We wanted to change that.

We opened our 12,000 square foot laser cladding shop in October of 2013. Offering specialized part reinforcing and repair services with tighter and much more reliable delivery times then the industry has seen to date, our customer response has been excellent. We’ve expanded this Edmonton facility to include laser heat treating for part strengthening, CNC grinding services for stabilizer and flex collar refurbishment, and metallurgical lab services to guarantee product quality.

Today, our precision technology, proprietary processes, material expertise and expertly trained staff are providing the highest quality products and expert advice to Alberta’s core industries: oil & gas, agriculture and mining.

We are proud to say we are achieving our goal of bringing hard-to-access technology to the Alberta market, and we hope we can provide you with the services you need.